Riding Lessons

1-hour lessons will mostly be done in the coral, once in a while, you could get to enjoy a nice quiet ride with your Trail Guides through the 100 acres of forest trails as you travel on horseback winding along the Beautiful Bonnechere River and through the Pines, and  Cedar groves. The 3 hr. riding lesson will include catching your horse in the pasture,  grooming your horse and tacking your horse for a riding lesson in the coral, trail rides and swimming with your horse (a dream lesson for those horse lovers!). You may also have the opportunity to book an overnight campout with your horse! Call 613-762-9087 

Time Frame 

# of People 

Price per Person

1 Hour 



1 Hour 



30 minutes 

2- 4 or more people 


30 minutes 

1 person 


3 Hours 

3 or more people 


Overnight Campout 

8 pm to 8 am 2hr horse 

$ 100.00