Week Seven

This was our last week of camp... We really had an awesome summer and just wanted to say thanks to all the parents & campers from 2010 for deciding to come to FTC this summer. We hope you had as much fun as we did!


Alright, so brandon had been trying to learn how to do a eskimo roll in a kayak this summer, and has now mastered it in the final week! here it is...

Adventure heading out on their rafting trip! They looked pumped!

Adventure rafting down the Madawaska... They had a so much fun!

Last week for the horses as well ... They will get a much deserved break and will be ready for you again next year!

Some water trampoline fun!

Passing our kayakers on the pontoon boat.

Adventure getting ready for their bridge jump.

Emile & Anna doing the jump!

Our group of staff for 2010... These guys were awesome! Thanks again guys & have a great year!

Group Pic: Have a great summer & upcoming school year guys! Look forward to Seeing you all again next year!


Also just wanted to toss this in here. Jeanette just recorded a cd and it is now available. If you heard Jeanette sing at the rodeo and enjoyed it you might want to purchase her cd. She is taking orders and using the money to help pay for school this upcoming year. She would love to hear from you if you're interested!

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